The Arkansas Residential Assisted Living Association has emphasized education as a means to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of those caring for Arkansas’s elderly and disabled.  The Association began offering an administrator training program in the late 1980’s.  Currently, the Association offerings take four forms–those being the Administrator Certification Program, Seminars, Conferences and Meetings, and Personal Care Aide Certification.


The Association’s Administrator Certification Program has been in place for several years and has successfully trained over 350 administrators.  The program is offered at least twice each year.  Training date will be posted on the Calendar of Events page.  For additional program information select your following preference:

The Association holds Seminars on various subjects to increase the proficiency level of the industry.  Administrators and other Long Term Care personnel need continuing educations units to maintain licenses and certifications.  The Association attempts to get approval for all pertinent organizations to enable industry personnel to satisfy their training needs.  Seminars will be posted on the Calendar of Events page.  Information about a particular event can be obtained by following the links on the Calendar of Events page.

The Association holds at least four Conferences and Meetings each year.  Information on current subjects will be provided at the meetings.  The Conference is usually a one-day (all day) event which will feature speakers on a variety of issues important to the industry.  Continuing education units (CEUs) are given for attendance for both the conference and Association Meetings.  More information can be obtained by following the links on the Calendar of Events page.

The Association also has a Certified Personal Care Aide Program to train personal care aides (PCAs).  Members are allowed to host the program at their location.  The program is such that the certification will allow a PCA to perform Medicaid Personal Care services.  The program raises the proficiency of a facilities front-line staff.